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In 2023, we’ve taken our continuing education courses to the next level. We are providing courses monthly that benefit the everyday law enforcement officer. We are doing a Building Entry & Room clearing course every month in 2023. Our February and March classes are full, but we have dates set for April, and May already. We also will have a Patrol Pistol Course, Vehicle Interaction Course, Firearms Instructor Course, and Rifle Instructor Course. In July, we will be hosting a 40-hour Active Shooter School. Soon, a Basic Undercover Course, Basic Gang Investigations, as well as a Basic Confidential Informant Course will be added to the schedule. As 2023 continues, more courses will be added, so check the schedule often.

We recommend to create an account before registering for a class by clicking the Log In button at the top right of the page. This will make course registration faster and allow you to view your course history.



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